10 Dog Breeds That Could Bear Being Left Alone At Home

If you’ve ever kept a dog, you’ll know how much they demand of their owner’s company. Since few people can stay at home all day, it seems like having a dog is incompatible with your career. However, there’s an excellent solution to this problem. Simply choose one from the 10 dog breeds below, they’re all independent dogs that cope well with loneliness.

1. Manchester Terrier

Thanks to their smooth black hair, the Manchester Terrier is quite close in appearance to the Doberman Pinscher, except of course for their body size. It was initially bred for vermin control as a rat or rabbit courser. As a result, the breed is very agile and speedy. The dogs are friendly too, and they won’t mind being left alone in the home during the day.


2. Chow chow

If we were to rank the dog breeds by how tolerant and independent they are of alone time without their owner’s company, then the Chow Chow would be the No.1. Though does it look like a toy bear wanting your cuddle, it is actually more like a cat. They’re not a fan of strangers at all and can sometimes appear aloof even with their owner. However, this breed is still very loyal to the people it loves.


3. Chihuahua

If you are keen on tiny dogs, the Chihuahua, which only weighs about 6 pounds, is a good choice for you. It is cuddly, energetic, and smart. Who can ask for more? It’s true that some people have the impression that Chihuahuas are aggressive and grumpy. However, they are perfectly capable of being gentle around kids and strangers, as long as they’re well-trained from an early age. Oh, it’s also worth bearing in mind that Chihuahuas are better when left alone in pairs.


4. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog, alias Russian Bear Dog, is a strongly-boned and muscular breed that was bred to protect the flocks and home from wild predators. It’s a witty, independent and stubborn dog breed, which means it can make a great guard dog. They do enjoy some alone time, but can be a bit tricky to train. As a result, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog may not be a suitable choice for those keeping a pet for the first time.


5. Miniature Schnauzer

It’s no big deal for the Miniature Schnauzer to stay at home alone, so long as there’s something that can keep their attention. This particular dog breed copes well entertaining themselves with toys, chews, and so on. However, it doesn’t mean that you can just leave your Schnauzer alone all the time. The sweet little dog still needs your attention once you’re back home.


6. Basset Hound

Known for their trait of sleepiness, the Basset Hound is quite self-sufficient and doesn’t need that much looking after. When its owner is out for work, it will probably just be a couch potato and doze for a whole day without worrying too much about loneliness. In spite of this, the Basset Hound is still an active dog breed that it’ll be very pleased too if you take it for a walk.


7. Boston Terrier

From the nickname “The American Gentleman” of the Boston Terrier, it is not hard to see that this is a well-behaved dog breed that suits people fond of small-sized dogs. Besides its resemblance to the Boxer dog and its good personality, there’s another reason to get it as your pet - unlike other small dog breeds, the Boston Terrier gets along by itself very well while you’re not around.


8. Dachshund

The intelligent and confident Dachshund can also be a good companion dog to all families who can’t stay at home all day every day. You’ll find that they can happily amuse themselves when alone, without howling and crying for their owners. With its intelligence comes a stubborn streak though, which makes training a bit tough. So, the Dachshund may not need your company much, but it does demand your patience.


9. Scottish Terrier

Have you watched a movie named Lady and the Tramp? If the answer is yes, then you’re probably familiar with the Scottish Terrier. The movie shows the loyalty of the breed, but there is another striking characteristic in that it’s sometimes quite aloof, which means it’s not a sticky dog breed and doesn’t need your constant attention. All in all, it’s a good alternative for those who work 8-hour jobs. 


10. Basenji

Does fear of noisiness prevent you from keeping a dog? If so, the Basenji could be an excellent pet for you because it’s well-known as a “barkless” dog breed. And not only that, it is active, curious, and independent, and won’t get bored even if you leave it home alone. As an owner you’ll find that it can always find something funny or interesting to do with its time.


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