10 Trending Hair Colors For A Refreshing Look

There are lots of trends in hair colors that can seduce you to try a new one each month. This year, many celebrities are dazzling on the red carpet with purple hair, buttery blond hair, or even colored hair in sexy brown shades. To make a refreshing look, try one of these 10 sublime colors we present to you. You will like them.

1. A Beige Blond


This soft and light blonde shade has little variation, making it looks so special. The beige blond has an even more dramatic effect when it closely matches your complexion. Just look at Nicole Kidman.

2. A Blond With Contrasts


Singer Selena Gomez's surprising hair transformation from brunette to blonde will certainly inspire many women to style the same. Different with other blonde-dyed celebrities, Gomez stands out for her roots that have remained brown and her eyebrows that have kept dark. The intentional contrast is both practical and pretty, as it allows her hair to grow with less maintenance.

3. A Purple Blue For Those Who Want To Dare


Deep purple blue is an ideal hair color for individuals who want originality but do not want to lighten their hair first.

4. A Butter-colored Blond


With so many platinum blondes trying to keep their hair perfect, it's refreshing to see a butter-colored blond. This hair tone looks so fabulous.

5. A Slightly Golden Blond


Actress Allison Williams has found a perfect balance with this slightly golden blonde shade. It is warm and rich without being coppery, textured and light without appearing overly emphasized.

6. A Carob Brown


Unlike numerous other warm brown shades, this carob brown shade is warm but does not go into the reddish territory. It looks super flattering on all sorts of skin shades.

7. A Dark Brown With Reflections


American-Swiss actress Kat Graham's hair is mostly dark brown with light brown highlights surrounding her face.

8. A Part Of Brown And A Part Of Blond


The bright golden highlights actress Selma Blair styles are so abundant on her dark brown hair that she seems to be both brown and blonde.

9. Peanut Butter And Jam


Inspired by the color of peanut butter and shades of purple evoking jam, colorist Megan Schipani created this ingenious two-tone dye for a customer who wanted "to keep it natural," but also wanted "something fun."

10. A Melted Orange-red


This incredible shade starts with a bright shade, a natural orange-red, and merges into a strawberry blonde color and peaches towards the tips. The strands are both soft and intense.

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