48 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger

Stop wearing those long hairs that increase your age and are hard to handle. Why not try some stylish short haircuts that will add to your glamour? Let's check out these 48 fashionable hairstyles, and I promise you can look ten years younger after trying any one of them.

1. Silver Pixie Cut With Asymmetrical Bangs

45 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger_57

Silver hair looks natural for seniors. Plus, it matches well with the asymmetrical bangs and the feathered layers, which slightly lift your crown. That's why the hairstyle flatters soft and sparse hair.

2. Ash Blonde Short Layered Hairstyle

45 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger_58

The layered hairstyle looks so naturally glamorous. It's like what you would be like the instant you get out of bed in the morning. But it can entirely reveal your inner beauty and elegance.

3. Sleek Stacked Bob

45 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger_59

The sleek stacked bob is beautiful and graceful for the aged. And it would look even better with a light hue.

4. Layered Bob With Bangs

45 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger_60

A layered bob is the best choice for women over 60. The tiered hairline and fringes surely reshape your face and back of the head.

5. Inverted Bob With Swoopy Layers

45 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger_61

A bob with swoopy layers is kind of unconventional but chic. It suits all but especially fits those with round faces. Plus, it's easy to maintain.

6. Highlighted Ash Blonde Stacked Bob

45 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger_62

Color is also a key point we should note. A highlighted ash blonde is trendy these days. When it occurred to a stacked bob, the haircut would definitely be flawless from root to tip. People of any age group can try this with no worry.

7. Shoulder Length Straight Bob

45 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger_63

If you want to try a longer haircut, we strongly recommend this shoulder length straight bob. You can either tie it up or wear it down.

8. Blond Short Straight Crop

45 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger_64

A lighter tint can effectively knock years off your look. If you want to try some bold and vigorous haircut, you shouldn't miss this one.

9. Ear-Length Sassy And Stacked Haircut

45 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger_65

Textured layers are the best thing to boost your hair volume. Ear-length stacked haircut is fit for senior ladies, flattering your face shape and unique style.

10. Short Sassy Pixie

48 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger_67

Looking for a clean, less formal hairstyle? Then try the short sassy pixie haircut. It suits all kinds of styles, and it is easy to maintain!

11. Layered Hair With Bangs

48 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger_68

A simple layered hairstyle with an inclined bang gives one an elegant and flattering look. With a bit of makeup, you will seckill them all!

12. Silver Hair Bob

48 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger_69

Silver hair doesn't look old. Conversely, a classic silver bob with curly hair will make you look elegant and sweet.

13. Layered Gold Bob

45 Chic Short Hairdos To Look 10 Years Younger_66

A layered ear-length gold bob is another smart choice for ladies over 60, and it can make your hair more voluminous.

14. Blond Crop With Volume


Layers are essential to the hairstyles, and you can style them differently. Like this: the soft volume on the top elevates the hairstyle, looking perfectly stylish from various angles.

15. Smoky Curly Strands Of Hairs


This hairdo looks unique with the curly strands of hairs falling full length and adds sharpness to faces that may get softer with age. Layers and waves combining with the color also make the hairstyle trendy.

16. Natural Short Cut And Highlight


This beautiful natural highlights and awesome cut require little day to day maintenance. Blonde and short textured haircuts also make you feel refreshed.

17. Straight Stacked Swing


When you find a hairstyle, you shouldn’t forget the importance of the color. For example, this one: Does the straight stacked swing with a chocolatey plum color give you a surprise?

18. Silver Side Swoop


Women over sixty can also follow the trend. A side-swept stacked bob is seriously on trend. Grey colors look beautiful, and you don’t have to make frequent touch-ups.

19. Layered Short Curls


If your hair is hard and dry to handle, you can try this hairdo. Create a volume with layered short curls ahead of the top of the head to match up with flicked-out layers, which shows that style always comes first.

20. Short Side Swept Gold Crop


This hairdo is a timeless pick, and it will frame the face. If you have naturally straight or thin hair, this cut helps you work with it.

21. Curly Crop Hair With Volume


It’s a better way to make your hair look tidy by creating a curly crop hairdo with volume as it collects the hair together, and when it matches up with a golden color, you can't help but feel younger.

22. Stacked Bob With Ash Layers


When it comes to the hairstyles, it’s not just about what you have going on in the front; you also need to consider the back of your hairdo. This stacked bob with ash layers looks perfect from the back.

23. One-Length Straight Bob


This is one of the most low maintenance hairstyles. You can just comb it every day, and it will maintain its structured shape and look polished.

24. Trendy Bob

Women over 60 should definitely try this beautiful haircut. Liquid strands at the back are enlivened in several layers that add both texture and volume to the overall look. The brown coloring is a perfect match for this cut.

25. Blonde Pixie

This blonde pixie works well for ladies with thin hair. Spiky layers add volume and dimensional effect to the hair and make you look dynamic too. Above all, the styling of this look is effortless as you just comb it every day with your fingers.

26. Sleek Bob

This sleek asymmetric bob frames your face with the longer lengths at the front giving the illusion of sharper angles where they're needed. You’ll look very dignified with a cut like this one.

27. Beautiful Wispy Haircut

A few wispy, longer strands at the back will distract from neck wrinkles and will give texture and add feminine charm to your look. Without doubt, this elegant haircut will help you knock 20 years off.

28. Cute Bob

This stacked bob looks very cute and is at the same time a perfect fit for a woman over 60. Not only does it make you look and feel refreshed, but it’s also a low maintenance trendy haircut. The natural blunt bangs highlight the overall look and make you look 20 years younger.

29. Classic Bob

The classic bob looks great on women of any age, with any hair texture or hair color. You can part your hair on the side or middle to help frame your face. It's easy to be elegant and gorgeous with this cut.

30. Classy Blonde Bob

A honey blonde bob keeps things neat and clean and is the best option for women over 60. Subtle layers pump up the strands and play around with style. Have your stylist highlight the top layers of your hair with a blonde color and it will spice up the whole look.

31. Smooth Round Bob

This round bob is a great haircut to help you knock years off. The chain-length buckling layers on both sides thin the face and accentuate the beautiful chin line, whereas the messy fringes help balance the proportions of the face. Altogether, it’s a new you!

32. Wispy Pixie

This piecey, edgy style can be achieved with a layered crop. You'll be sure to love it, as the fullness at the crown give a sense of playfulness, whereas the soft bangs and edges frame your face and bring out your beautiful facial contours.

33. Layered Bob

The longer-in-front angle of this haircut does excellent things for framing and flattering your face. The choppy layers will pump up the volume and create movement. All of that will keep in tune with your inner elegance.

34. Bouncy Bob

This short hairdo is a perfect style to compliment a long face. Its layers and bangs frame the top of the face, which softens the look and shows off your feminine charm.

35. Razor Cut

This razor cut is low-maintenance style for the older woman. All you have to do is to scrunch it with a bit of mousse when its wet to encourage the curl and volume.

36. Bob With Feathered Layers

You can experiment with some quirky elements like adding feathered textures and layers of different lengths to the cut. For example, the one in the picture really shows off how feathered layers can liven up a cropped cut.

37. Full Textured Layers

Women with curly hair should take advantage of their curls. This cut creates many textured layers that style hair in a neat and controlled manner, whilst at the same time making it easier to manage the locks.

38. Bob Cut

The majority of women over 60 are willing to try this simple bob as it is low-maintenance and will add an air of youth to you. Spice the style up a bit with a beautiful colored hue, and you'll instantly be following the beauty rules.

39. Elegant Bob

Bobs can be very versatile and easy to play around with. When you add some stacked layers to the style, it instantly livens up your appearance. Remember to keep the lightest shade for your top layers, as that will make you look younger than your age.

40. Flipping Out Short Hair

Women get soft facial lines as we age. One of the best solutions is to choose the right cut. This hairstyle for example features with flipped out ends that help stretch your chain line and knock 20 years off you.

41. Straight Gray Hairstyle

This haircut appears simple, but it is not. The blended color hue livens up the overall look and also demonstrates the work of a skilled hairdresser. Keep in mind to use some color tricks to help you really knock years off.

42. Graduated Bob

You look fantastic when you keep your longer layers falling smoothly at the nape of your neck and styling your hair straight for a nice rounded effect.

43. Opal Undercut

Opal hues are perfectly suited to older women, as they are naturally gray or white. Therefore, you don't need to dye your hair frequently as it grows out. The undercut style will keep thick hair manageable and help your personality shine through.

44. Blonde Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are a popular choice for senior women because of their mix of grace and youth. If you want something more than a classic cut, this would be your perfect choice since it adds texture and dimension with its choppy layers.

45. Graduated Layered Bob

Carefree, feminine and sophisticated, graduated layered bob is a great choice if you are looking for a risk-free hairstyle. Not to mention that it takes you little effort to learn how to style it.

46. Youthful Angled Bob

This hairstyle is youthful, stylish and sleek! An angled bob is a hairstyle that grazes the bottom of your jaw in front and gets progressively shorter toward the back. The layers can give it serious swing and movement.

47. Textured Inverted Bob

Inverted bob is what you are looking for if you’re after a low-maintenance, yet modern haircut. It’s a hairstyle with stacked layers at the back, and slightly curved lines extending towards the front. Also your hair can look both playful and current when it’s styled curly.

48. Modern Layered Bob

The best way to create shape for short hairstyle is to add layers, and it works better if you have straight hair since it gives you a modern look. You will just love this versatile and current lock.

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