20 Dog Breeds You Should Think Twice Before Getting

Think about getting a dog? Then you may want to find out which dogs aren’t so tolerant of kids, and which need more exercise or extra health care. Here are 20 dog breeds you should know about before getting one!


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Siberian Huskies can make you fall in love at first sight. They are known for being excellent sled pullers and are super energetic. However, they can also be stubborn and have a tendency to escape the home. They can squeeze through the smallest of holes, break their leash, and even get through electric fences. Never walk them off-leash and always keep an eye on your huskies!


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Despite being one of the smallest dog breeds, Chihuahua may not be as innocent as it seems. Due to their small size, they tend to be more aggressive in order to protect themselves from bigger animals. Sometimes, they can also get jealous of small kids and attack them if provoked. Proper training may be required if you’re thinking about getting one. 


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French Bulldog is such a delight for families to keep, since they are fun and don't require much exercise. However, due to their signature stubby nose features, they tend to suffer from breathing problems, especially during hot weather. This could lead to expensive vet bills and require special care. 


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Greyhounds have incredible speed and energy, which makes them outstanding for racing. Apart from being affectionate family dogs, they do have a tendency to run off, which can be very dangerous in cities. Owners should keep an eye on them, just in case they find themselves on a busy street. 


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Beagles are friendly and very adorable. However, they were bred as hunting dogs, despite their small sizes. Owners should be aware that they have a ton of energy, so it is important to keep them occupied and take them out for runs more often. Otherwise, they’re likely to become cunning escape experts when they want to get out. 


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If given the right training, German Shepherds can be smart, obedient and loyal to their owners. However if not, these strong dogs can be very difficult to handle. Other than necessary training, they also require extra care for multiple diseases when they get older. In order for them to live a long happy life, owners should be aware of those issues before getting one. 


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As one of the biggest dog breeds in the world, Great Dane suffers from certain health issues like hip dysplasia and carries a higher risk of bloating. Sadly, bigger breeds tend to have a shorter lifespan, and Great Dane, the "heartbreaking breed", is one of those. 


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Pit Bulls have a reputation for being aggressive and having a fierce bite, but in fact, most of them do make great pets. Being an owner of a pit bull requires you to be the "pack leader" and be firm towards them. 


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Just as loyal as it is portrayed in the movie Hachiko, Akitas can sometimes be way too loyal to their owner and even start to see your friends as intruders. They don't like to be provoked, so a calm and gentle approach is necessary. They may also need extra care since they are prone to certain diseases, just like other bigger dogs. 


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Golden Retrievers are like little angels and are very friendly to humans. Unfortunately, they are the breed most affected by cancer. One study in the US showed that 61% of them die from it. Thus, getting a Golden Retriever needs your extra love and attention to its health conditions. 


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Dalmatians were originally bred and kept as hunting or guard dogs. They need to be properly socialized to prevent them from becoming too aggressive or territorial. With the right training, they can make great companions.


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English Toy Spaniel is not a great pet for children as its name may sound like. They are easily provoked when not being treated carefully. As a result, they need more training than it seems if they are going to be family pets. 


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Jack Russell Terrier is an energetic dog breed. If you don't train them well though, they may become Jack Russell Terrors (as they're often called). To keep them as good companions as they can be, owners should give them a lot of attention and exercise. 


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Afghan Hounds may be famous for their long silky fur, but they need more than just regular grooming. They were bred to be hunting and guard dogs, so they can be aggressive with insufficient training and provoked when treated roughly.


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The signature wrinkles do not only distinguish Shar-pei dogs from other breeds and attract people's attention, but they also attract and trap bacteria. As a result, skin issues can be a real problem if they are not properly cared for. They also need extra training, since they were originally bred as guard dogs. 


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Wolfdog is one of the most controversial dog breeds, since it inherits certain features of wolves, which makes them a stunning looking canine, but much less predictable with people. It is a massive challenge for most people to keep such an incredible creature as a home pet. 


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As a result of their massive size, Saint Bernards suffer from more potential health issues and a shorter lifespan than other breeds. Although they are great pets to keep because of their gentle temperament, they need enough living space in both the house and car. They also drool and shed a lot, just keep those in mind. 


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Skye Terrier is a medium-sized dog breed with excellent hunting skills, despite their elegant appearance. They also need regular trimming and grooming to stay cute and clean looking. When they're neglected or not socialized enough, they can get aggressive, so try not to leave them alone for long. 


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Rottweilers look cute and innocent at first glance, but they are most known for their incredible strength and bite force. Because they are large and muscular, their joints suffer more pressure, which can also cause them hip dysplasia. A regular vet check is necessary for these dogs. 


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You wouldn’t believe how strong-willed they are when you look at Pekingeses' cute little faces. They certainly will not appreciate you for treating them like dolls, even though they look cuddly and cute. Other than certain health issues, owners also need to groom them regularly in order for them to stay pretty. 

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