20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit

There are many rumours flying around about the most mysterious places in the world. From secret government facilities to deserted islands, here are 20 forbidden places you're not allowed to visit.

1. Lascaux Caves - France

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The Lascaux Caves contain some of the finest examples of prehistoric cave art ever found. They were once opened to the public, then were closed in 1963 due to humidity and carbon dioxide damage by visitors, so now, visitors are more than welcome to instead see the incredibly detailed recreations!

2. Area 51 - US

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With or without aliens, Area 51 has bathed in conspiracy theorists' and historians' attention for a long time. The place is actually a place for US Air Force testing. Even without any solid evidence, it's Earth technology for sure.  

3. Coca-Cola Recipe Vault - US

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Even though it may be more of a marketing strategy that makes Coca-Cola so unique, its formula remains one of the best-kept secrets in America. The legendary recipe has long been secured in the Coca-Cola Vault in Atlanta. 

4. Moscow Metro-2 - Russia

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_4

Rumor says that Joseph Stalin commissioned secret metro lines to transport heads of state and weapons before WWII until his death in 1953. The whole thing started with the line that was later nicknamed as the Metro-2, and it still remains an urban legend to this day. 

5. Bank Of England Vault - UK

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_5

As its name implies, the vault contains significant content, including one of the largest gold reserves in the world. The gold vault stores over 400,000 bars that are exclusive enough to get Queen Elizabeth down there for a private tour in 2012.

6. Room 39 - North Korea

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_6

There is absolutely no way of getting inside Room 39, North Korea's secretly funded organization, which raises foreign currency for its leader, Kim Jong-Un. The office was accused by the US government and the UN of illegal narcotics and arms trades. 

7. Pine Gap - Australia

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_7

It's known that the US government runs the secretive base in partnership with the Australian government thanks to leaked NSA documents. The place is for maneuver operations and you will regularly encounter activists protesting in the area.

8. White's Gentlemen's Club - UK

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_8

White's Gentlemen's Club, established in 1693, is possibly the most traditional and exclusive social club in the world. It has clung on to its male-only policy to this day, and can boast some highly prestigious club members, such as Prince Charles, Prince William, Tom Stacey, etc. 

9. Mezhgorye - Russia

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_9

Americans may have Area 51, but Russians have Mezhgorye which also happened to hold a significant number of nuclear warheads when it was first found in 1979. It is now more of a closed town with a small population, many of whom are working on military programs there. 

10. National 'Spy' Museum - China

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_10

Opened in 2009, Jiangsu National Security Education Museum, also known as the spy museum, was at first closed to foreigners for fear of leaking national secrets, but is now fully open to the public. It is said that there isn't much information put on display anyway. 

11. Snake Island - Brazil

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_11

Ilha da Queimada Grande is called Snake Island for a good reason. It was made illegal to visit by the government due to the huge number of snakes inhabiting the island. It's estimated that there are between 2,000 and 4,000 snakes, which means one for each square foot of the island.

12. Bohemian Grove - US

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_12

This meeting place is the American version of White's club in the UK, where, the same, only male elite is allowed since its founding in 1872. The photo captured Harvey Hancock (standing), and two future presidents, Ronald Reagan (left) and Richard Nixon (right) in 1967. Now, the place is still kept for members and guests only. 

13. North Sentinel Island - India

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_13

Lying between India and Thailand, the island is inhabited by a tribe completely cut off from modern civilization. For thousands of years, they have lived the same way without seeing many outsiders. Since John Chau was killed in 2018 for trying to convert the tribe to Christianity, the island has been closed to visitors by Indian law. 

14. Heard Island - Australia

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_14

As a part of Australia, Heard Island actually remains one of the most remote places on Earth. The island is formed by peaks of volcanoes and considered an Antarctic climate. Thus, it's not inhabited and restricted from access by the government, but there are research expeditions from time to time.

15. Tomb Of Qin Shi Huang - China

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_15

Constructed from 246 to 208 BC, the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, is a UNESCO world heritage site. The tomb itself is surrounded by the Terracotta Army and is forbidden to be visited. People can now only see the current excavation effort since the first fragment of the statue, discovered in 1974.

16. Svalbard Global Seed Vault - Norway

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Halfway between the Norweigen mainland and the North Pole, there lies an imposing building, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which holds almost every crop on Earth for preservation, just in case of natural disaster. The place is naturally cold so that the seeds will survive. 

17. Surtsey Island - Iceland 

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_17

As one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, Surtsey Island is one of the newest islands on Earth, and was formed in 1963 from a volcanic eruption. To protect its ecosystem, only a few scientists are allowed to visit. 

18. Poveglia Island - Italy

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_18

Having had a long history of insanity, terror, and death, Poveglia Island became a place only for the sick and the dead. There are said to have been more than 100,000 bodies buried on the tiny island since the bubonic plague in the 18th century.

19. Pravcicka Brana - Czech Republic

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_19

Pravcicka Brana is the rock arch that's located in Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic. It is 16 meters tall and 26.5 meters long, which remains the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe. The place has been forbidden to visit since 1982 due to erosion. Geologists believe that the arch will collapse on its own eventually. 

20. UN Buffer Zone - Cyprus

20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit_20

Also known as the green line, the demilitarized zone reached its current length in 1974, right before the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. The island is separated by the barrier where armed UN peacekeeping forces ensure that there's no unauthorized crossing.

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