20 Genius Home Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Owing or renting a home is tough, but these 20 genius home hacks will make your life much easier. 

1. Space-Saving Hanger Hack

What would you do if you were considering adding some new items to your wardrobe only to find there wasn't enough space? Well, with a tiny tab, you don't need to clear away any of your favorite clothes. Place the neck of one hanger through one of the tab's holes, and then hang another hanger from the bottom hole. Voila, two garments for the space of one!


2. Use Essential Oils To Keep Your Bathroom Fragrant

The bathroom always seems to come with a special kind of odor, and we often treat it with aerosol sprays. If you want a relatively long-lasting solution though, why not try essential oils? Just a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the cardboard of your toilet paper, and every time you grab for more paper, you'll smell a pleasant aroma.


3. Use A Shower Cap As A Travel Dog Bowl

Yes, you can use your shower cap as a dog bowl. Remember to bring some shower caps with you when go traveling with your dog. Believe me, your furry friend couldn't be happier.


4. Put This In Your Toilet Tank To Conserve Water 

One creative way to conserve water is to reduce the amount of water you use every time you hit the toilet flush. Achieve this by putting a brick or a jar full of water at the back of your toilet tank.


5. Clean Air-Conditioning Vents In The Dishwasher

Air-conditioning vents can easily accumulate tons of dust that then may get recirculated into your house. For a quick, efficient and thorough cleaning, close the vents first and then put them in the dishwasher. Blow dry the remaining water on the cool setting before popping them back in.


6. Make A Dam To Isolate Dirty Water In Your Garage

Garage floors are prone to puddles due to a number of reasons like springtime floods and melting ice from tires. Well, you can try building a dam with expanding foam to keep the water away from your tools and toys. Such a barrier sticks and is waterproof. What's more, you can walk or drive over it without damaging it.


7. Use PVC Tubing To Remove Clumsy Objects Easily 

With three pieces of 4-inch diameter 'Schedule 40' PVC tubing, you can move playhouses, empty hot tubs, rocks, and almost any other awkward object weighing over a ton. Just remember not to use this method on steep slopes.


8. Use Clog Claws To Unclog A Drain

A clogged drain can be annoying and frustrating. There are many things you can do to free it up quickly, safely, and effectively, and that includes using a clog claw.


9. Use A Rubber Band To Remove Stripped Screws

Hardware chores can be a breeze until you come across one stripped screw. In this case, the screwdriver will not work, but a rubber band can help a lot. Just place a rubber band between the screw head and the screwdriver and turn the screw. The grip from the rubber can create enough friction to get the screw out.


10. Use A Wine Cork As A Chip Clip

Don't throw away any more used wine corks! Although they seem useless they actually make perfect clips for open bags of snacks! Just slice one end of the cork halfway up and voila.


11. Eliminate The Unwelcome Smell Of Your Vacuum Cleaner

If your vacuum releases a funky smell, try vacuuming up some Downy Unstoppables or ground cinnamon.


12. A Mug Can Amplify Your Life

Here is a genius hack to amplify the music on your phone without a Bluetooth speaker. You can make your own speaker by putting your phone into a mug.


13. How To Move Your Furniture Safely

When you have to move heavy furniture on the carpet, don't just drag it around, because that's harmful to both the carpet and the furniture. Make the job easier with homemade moving pads by cutting the bottoms off four plastic jugs.


14. Use Pool Noodles As Bumpers In Your Garage

For those who have a small garage, getting small dents and scratches from hitting the wall is an everyday hazard. The solution? Try cutting a pool noodle in half and attaching the pieces to both sides of the garage walls. So, when you get out of your car, the doors will nudge gently against the noodles. No more scuff marks on the walls and doors!


15. DIY A Non-Slip Hanger

Have you noticed that your nice blouses keep slipping off the hangers? There's a simple solution to this that doesn't require buying special hangers. All you need to do is to squeeze a thin layer of a hot glue on the shoulders of the hanger. When it dries, it will prove the perfect grip for your cute clothes.


16. A Tension Rod Can Create More Space

We often place our household cleaning supplies under the bathroom or kitchen sink. But those bulky, oddly-shaped bottles can take up all the space and clutter the cabinets. To avoid this, try hanging all the bottles on a tension rod. It will leave more room underneath and it doesn't cost much.


17. Keep Boots Upright With Pool Noodles

No one likes those annoying creases you can get in your leather boots. One way to avoid this is to stuff pool noodles into your footwear to keep them upright.


18. Pringles Cans Can Store Noodles Too

One common problem is that the bag you get your spaghetti noodles in is difficult to seal up once opened. This not only makes the dry noodles lose freshness, but it can also get messy if the noodles begin falling out. You don't have to buy a special container. You just need an empty and clean Pringles can.


19. Make Your Ground Beef Flat Before Storing

There is an easy way to make ground beef thaw out faster when you need it. Flatten your ground beef in gallon-sized freezer bags before storing them. Besides, this will also save space in your freezer.


20. Make Full Use Of Your Hair Dryer

A hairdryer can soften the adhesive under tape or on bumper stickers and make them easier to pull off.


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