30 Trendy Hair Colors For Next Season

Speaking of trends, they don't really change; they shift. Colorists are always seeking different hair color ideas and shifting from one to another. Whether it's fresh ash blonde hair, warm chocolate brown, or any other fantastic hair color, there are so many hair color inspirations to rock. Below are 30 hair color trends for next season.

1. Blue mermaid hair

It seems that blue hair color is never trendy, but this look can be seen everywhere across the street. Inspired by mermaids and combining navy, turquoise, cobalt and aqua, this dyeing job can change according to your style freely. Plus, it fits almost every skin color.


2. Burgundy

Decorated by burgundy hair color, these Bordeaux braids extremely trendy for the next season.


3. Ashy blonde

If you're not ready to fully embrace gray hair, Jane Fonda's ashy blonde hair seen at the 2018 Oscars is an incredible option.


4. Ice queen

Before your visit to the salon for platinum hair, it is necessary to pay more attention to treatment and hair care. As colorist Elizabeth Hiserodt explained, "If your hair is already colored or has been discolored, make sure to do a deep treatment at least a week before your coloration."


5. Smoky violet

Smoky violet style is the more modern way to rock the violet than pastel violet. Adding enough cold violet hues is an excellent way to give dimension and movement to your hair.


6. Navy ombré

If you want to add some fresh color to your hair but don't want to discolor them, this amethyst navy colored ombré is the best choice. With minimal bleaching, it is gentle for your hair and can live up to its namesake.


7. Delicate purple

This pastel purple is very bold and impressive. But, as stylist Daniel Moon explains, "More color means more care, which means you need to give your hair a weekly hydrating mask specific for colored hair."


8. Buttered color

Though platinum blonde looks impeccable, a butter blonde may be more refreshing and creative.


9. Peanut butter jelly

This interesting  and clever hair color idea was created by colorist Megan Schipani when she met a client who wanted to "keep a natural color" but with "something fun."


10. Blonde with a hint of pink

Because of the light metallic pink and yellow blonde tints, stylist Presley Poe named this color "butter'd Rose Gold."


11. Millennial pink

Millennial pink is a modern color between a blushed pink and a real pink. When you dyed millennial pink, remember to hydrate your hair at least once a week.


12. Red balayage

When you look at Joely Fisher's red balayage, will you think of "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys? Keep a deep brown base and blend the ends with a crimson. Creative and flamboyant!


13. Amethyst roots

If you're already a blonde, why not try something funny, such as amethyst roots?


14. Eggplant

Naturally curly hair is paired perfectly with eggplant tints. Don't hesitate to try it because it will make your features stand out gorgeously.


15. Denim colored

This newest blue is genuinely unique. Denim colored hair is a subtle dusty blue, compared with pastel or bright shades.


16. Organic

Plants colors are taking over beauty salons for 2019. Some prefer darker colors whereas others opt for lighter ones. Whatever you choose, remember to create your coloration style layer by layer.


17. Elegant pink ombré

If you want to have fun with your hair and also look professional at work, choose this ombré.


18. Fluid hair painting

As hairdresser KL Christoffersen described, this hair color is "an overlap of at least two colors or more by section to create a luminous multi-tone result."


19. Rose gold like Emma Roberts

Rose gold hair is an ethereal hue of rose-tinted blonde that is loved by celebrities like Emma Roberts. Thinking of trying the trend for next season? This radiant color can illuminate your whole look!


20. Faded pastel

Faded and discolored colors have nothing to do with damaged and messy hair. On the contrary, it is trendy, such as faded pink, violet and blue hues.


21. Soft beige

As you can see here on Nicole Kidman, this soft and light blonde is slightly different from the skin color, which makes it even more dramatic and special.


22. A mix of balayage and 'babylights'

Los Angeles colorist Chrissie Plisky creates this style by mixing two hair techniques – balayage and 'babylights'. With this voluminous and luminous color, you don't have to retouch your locks as often.


23. Dare a contrast like Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez's blonde is different from others because of her dark roots and her dark eyebrows. The contrast is gorgeous and also practical since she doesn't need to dye the roots often.


24. Evan Rachel Wood's Gray-blonde

Admitted or not, Evan Rachel Wood's hybrid gray blonde is edgy and eyecatching. With almost black roots, this unique style requires little maintenance.


25. A dark brown with highlights

The lighter highlights on the dark brown can frame Kat Graham's face perfectly.


26. A lightly gold blonde

This color in the picture might be the perfect blonde hue for Allison Williams. With enough warm tone, it looks bright and luminous, and with textures, it looks free and natural.


27. Carob brown

Like many brown colors, this carob brown looks warm, making it very flattering on all skin colors.


28. Violet

Have you ever hesitated to dye your hair because of discoloration? If this is the case, violet can be perfect for you. You can even do the dyeing job all by yourself.


29. One part brown, one part blonde

Like blonde as well as a brunette? Why not try Selma Blair's hair color! The golden highlights are rich on her dark brown hair, resulting in a perfect effect.


30. An orange-ginger ombré

This amazing ombré begins with a luminous orange-ginger and melts into a strawberry blonde and peach.


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