40 Best Short Layered Haircuts Trending For 2020

Short layered hairstyles can be sweet, sultry and chic because layers can increase the volume of your locks. These look awesome for any occasion and they are suitable for every face shape. Besides, layering your hair can help prevent split ends.

As for pairing with bangs, learn to choose your bangs wisely. For example, people with large foreheads and either oval or pear-shaped faces should choose layered hairstyles with bangs. Additionally, ladies with round or square shaped faces should choose side sweeping bangs.

Now, we are going to introduce to you 40 different varieties of short layered hairstyles that are really hot on the trend scene. Come and get inspired!

1. Classy Layered Pixie

Pixie cuts can be sassy all the time! If you are looking for a playful and edgy style, try this gorgeous choppy pixie. It is easy to style! Tuck the short side hair behind your ear and leave the long side forward. Or, just use a texturizing product for a bedhead.


2. Inverted Bob with Redhead

Tired of a tousled bob? The you need something smooth and polished. Choose very light layers and a flattering shape that ensures your locks can make a statement of their own, whilst also letting your pretty face take center stage. The red coloring and sleek bob will give you the perfect it-girl look.


3. Short Asymmetrical Crop

As you can see, short layered hairstyles provide you with so many possibilities! From now on, your morning style routine will be much faster. So, how should you style it? In order to increase volume, when your blow dry your hair, use a medium barrel round brush. Before you go out, tuck some hair behind your ear and leave some forward. This is the key to the look.


4. Curly Pixie

Fascinated by those sexy curls? A pixie doesn't have to be super short or sleek. Add something different and it will make it special. Curls on top should be loose and messy and be sure to cut side parts short to highlight them. Wear gorgeous earrings to match this chic hairstyle.


5. Balayage Hair

As a rule, balayage works better with some curls and waves. This shoulder-length lob will give you an elegant and modern feel. Place the big waves in the middle part and make sure the ends are straight. This is absolutely a low maintenance haircut.


6. Short Ombre Locks

This inverted bob is perfect for you if you are looking for short layered hairstyles that are clean and sleek. Layers at the back will help add volume and height to the whole look. Blonde Ombre hair dye gives this hair a shimmering look.


7. No-Fuss Pixie

Sweet, short and sophisticated as it is, this super short layered haircut is cool and chic! If you don’t have time to fuss, this is the style for you. This cut is almost zero maintenance and suitable for any occasion.


8. Silver Fox

This tousled, textured wavy bob can work for women with extremely thick hair and those big waves are chic and sexy. Short, sassy with a silver cut, can you picture yourself?


9. Naturally Wavy Bob

With few waves, this warm, natural-looking color makes this bob look modern and fresh. Layers at the back increase the volume of your hair and some longer strands at the front will frame your face. The brown color is warm and elegant too.


10. Stand-Out Shag

Bored with those tedious haircuts? Try a hair color that shines! This gorgeous pink pigment makes the short and shaggy cut more attractive. Be sure to include some big curls and cover your forehead with cool bangs.


11. Graduated Ashy Bob

This ashy sassy, textured chop is super cool! The mix of blue, orange and grey hues together really gives the cut a unique look. It's a bold attempt, but surely worth a try. Those messy layered curls make it low maintenance too.


12. Straight and Sleek Strands

This eye-catching angular style is both cool and fresh, with its sleek shining layers and clean lines. Go for a silver hair color and add some highlights to complete the look.


13. Tousled Bob with Layers

A tousled bob never goes out of fashion and is a favorite of many a celebrity fashion icon. This layered bob is extremely messy with many layers and the light blonde coloring brightens up your complexion, making the whole look shine.


14. Orchid Colored Layers

If you are tired of boring hairstyles, try something special! Short layers go perfectly with bright colors like orchid. Make it super short and sleek to express your personality. You can add a wave near your forehead to make it even sassier.


15. Sassy Shape

Volume on volume on volume! This sassy shaped coif is one of those hairstyles for short hair that boasts tremendous height, and amazing shape. The deep, rich color lends itself to a classy feel, and overall its a great look for taking years off your face.


16. Bright Blonde Shortie

Chic and fashionable! This pixie cut is the haircut you must try because it will make you look a lot younger. It can increase volume, and the light blonde color really catches the eye. Layers at the back show off its true charm.


17. Thick, Layered Bob

Too much hair means it is hard to find suitable cute short haircuts. This hairdo, however, can help remove some of the bulk, helping show off your adorable side. Black hair color is a good match for this look and the movement of the layers really livens up your locks.


18. Platinum Pixie with Undercut

With a perfectly cut pixie hairstyle, you can enjoy a clean and sleek haircut anytime you like. This pixie haircut is gorgeous with a punk edge. Cut the back super short and leave some long locks at the front. Layers at the crown can boast volume and optimize the whole shape. For an extra boost, red lips and cat eyes pair perfectly with it.


19. Golden Bob with Wavy Ends

It is a typical bob at the first glance, but this style is more playful than a simple golden bob due to its wavy ends. The movement of the layers towards the back is chic and cool.


20. Sunrise Bob with Curls

As gorgeous as the sunrise, the key to this style is the uneven ends, which make it a trendy haircut. Those messy loose curls are perfect for any occasion and you don't need to spend too much time managing it.


21. A Curly Brown Bob

This wavy style is simple yet sassy. The layers make this look chic and voluminous. With the copper highlights, this curly bob is no more ordinary.


22. Platinum Silver Short Hair

Obviously, the layers create movement and volume in this short style. The platinum silver hue pairs perfectly with the strands.


23. Sassy Curls

A simple black layered hair can be sexy and sassy. With the right styled curls, you don’t have to wear any bold hair color.


24. An Edgy Pixie

Pixie is not a haircut that anyone would rock. If you are a fashion icon, this short layered pixie might be your favorite.


25. Silver & Blonde

Tired of long locks? Why not go short? Cut the hair on the two sides super short and create layers on the top. Then wear a blend of silver and blonde hair color. Done!


26. A Tousled Bob with Dark Roots

Yes, dark roots are popular in 2018. So, leave the roots dark and rock a light blonde in the midshaft and tips. Create some messy feeling to finish this short hairstyle.


27. Short Layered Bob with Bangs

If you love bedhead, this tousled bob is the one you should choose. Layers in the back can increase the volume. Bangs in the front and the blonde hair color will bring a youthful air.


28. Blue Angel

A hairstyle with dark roots is popular in 2018. Short curly layers with blue hair color captured our hearts. The shining powder can be called the finishing touch.


29. Short Layers with Hair Accessories

A Platinum short layered hairstyle might be something normal, but if you add a hair accessory, things are totally different. You are absolutely mesmerizing now!


30. A Blonde Pixie

This blonde cut with long bangs is a classic short layered hairstyle. Remember to create enough layers in the back.


31. Shiny Purple

This purple pixie is soooo cool! Cut the hair on the two sides short and leave the hair on the top longer. Rock a purple ombre to finish this alternative short layered haircut.


32. Short Curly Haircut

If you don’t want to rock a super short cut like pixie cuts, you have other choices. This curly bob is for you. Soft and feminine, this short layered haircut is perfect for any occasion.


33. Blonde Balayage

The tousled short layered hairstyle is one of the most welcomed haircuts. This one is sassier for the gorgeous blonde balayage.


34. A Short Layered Pixie

This cool and chic short layered pixie pairs perfectly with the silver hue, making it more fantastic and attractive.


35. A Brown Bob

The brown hair color fits this bob perfectly. Create some layers in the back to increase volume. Remember to keep the ends straight.


36. Warm Caramel with Highlights

This warm caramel hair color is so gorgeous. Add some blonde highlights to create movement.


37. Short Platinum Blonde with Layers

Platinum blonde is always a youthful hair color. It can transform a normal short layered haircut into a playful and sassy one.


38. Short Layered Bob with Highlights

Layers in the back are chic and fashion-forward. Add some blonde highlights, then you are the star among others.


39. Sweet Curls

For natural curls, cut them short. With these black short curls, the whole style is perfect. Then you’ll enjoy a fresh new look.


40. Short Layered Hairstyle with Pink Color

Greyish pink is one of the most favored hair colors. This year, in 2018, pink is all the rage. Create yourself a short layered haircut and rock a pink hue.


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