8 Of The Best Winnie The Pooh Quotes To Celebrate Winnie The Pooh Day

Winnie The Pooh day was just celebrated two days ago on Milne's birthday, January 18. So we decided to list the most lovable quotes from this classic collection to commemorate his eternal wisdom.


There are reasons why Winnie The Pooh has a star to himself on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


For starters, Winnie The Pooh is not just another adorable bear.


Pooh is a fluffy bundle of child's joyful wisdom, which might inspire you to reassess your attitude towards life.


Pooh can give you tips when it comes to such matters as love, failed goals, or your weakness.


Pooh was created by English author A. A. Milne, and first came in print in 1926.


From that time, Pooh has come alive in the hearts of children from different countries. The Polish even named a street after him in Warsaw!


So, which quote do you like best so far?