Diver Misunderstood This Seal Until It Grabbed His Hand

Scuba diving provides the opportunity to explore wildlife and their habitat beneath the water. This process is filled with danger and pleasure as the territory is unknown. This unsuspecting diver never forgot his experience when a seal came close to him.

1. Life Changing Day

It was an ordinary day, but one that diver Gary would never forget, as he was interrupted unexpectedly in the water.


2. Met With Seals

Gary and his partner never know precisely what they’ll encounter down below. They expected to see some wildlife, but they were astounded when a couple of seals appeared out of nowhere.


3. A Threat?

The divers were taught not to disturb the animals in their natural habitat, so they tried to remain calm when the seals approached. Seals are known for being inquisitive, but also can be aggressive to humans with whom they’re not familiar.


4. Just Curious Pups

When the seals came closer, they realized that they were only babies. The little creatures started to circle them and wanted to figure out what these two-legged creatures were.


5. Precious Footage

Gary was usually the one who held the camera. However, on this particular day, it was his friend who was in charge of the camera. He helped record this fantastic experience for Gary.


6. Making First Contact

The little seals didn’t seem to regard Gary and his partner as a threat. Instead, they appeared to be happy to meet these strangers. One of them began to nudge and touch him and started playfully nibbling at his gloved hand. But did things go well?


7. Puzzling Situation

Divers who come into contact with seals must usually swim with the seals for several days to gain their trust. Only then it is safe for them to get closer to the animals. So, Gary felt confused and didn’t know how to handle this situation.


8. Amazing Luck

The seal attached to Gary was very over excited. It rubbed its nose on Gary’s mask before making another circle around the group of divers. Gary was amazed at his luck, and this was something that as a diver he would remember forever.


9. A Remarkable Handshake

The seal continued to move in an out of the group, growing more and more comfortable with Gary. Suddenly, it placed its flipper on top of Gary’s hand as if to shake it. What an incredible official meeting!


10. Waiting For Its Turn

The other seal was waiting for a long time to make contact with Gary. It began to come in and nibble at Gary’s legs, just as the other seal was doing to his hands. It seemed that it was waiting a chance to shake hands with Gary, too.


11. More Dog Behavior

Gary felt excited too. They became friends, shaking hands with each other and bumped each other’s noses. To Gary’s surprise, the seal even rolled over on its back, just like a dog.


12. What Next?

Since the seal performed this dog-like behavior, Gary started scratching the seal on its belly. After a few minutes of belly rubbing, Gary stopped. But the seal didn’t seem to want it to finish, and it continued patting Garry’s hand with its flipper in excitement.


13. Having A Great Time

As if Gary and seal had known each other for years. The camera pictured this exciting moment when they were smiling and holding hand to fin.


14. Going Viral

After recording the video they put it up on YouTube, where the footage became a sensation, and incredibly ended up with millions of views.


15. Be Helpful For Endangered Species

This video proves that you never know when it comes to wildlife. There are many species of seal that are on the endangered list. Stories like Gary’s can help bring awareness to their sad situation.


16. Protection Awareness

More of us should focus on environmental responsibility and animal wellness, as it will make sure everyone has the chance to have these precious experiences in the future.


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