40 Best Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Many women refer to the age of 50 as their second youth that they can enjoy life finally. But they are always confused about how to age gracefully and look youthful when they step into this certain age. In fact, change your hairstyle could be a better and perfect way to change your image. Clean cuts and soft lines help to keep your locks off the face. With bangs women often look younger.

We should note that the older you become, the simpler styles you should pick. Pixie cut, bob or graded cut are perfect options for you to pick which will present you in the best light. Here we’ve compiled these best hairstyles for women over 50. You’ll radiate in your golden age with these haircuts.

#1: Modern Layered Bob


Still confused about whether a bob is a suitable hairstyle for you? Well, here's the answer. This versatile and current cut is perfect for women over 50! Loads of layers remove weight from heavy and thick hair and they add movement. Important to note though, It works better on straight and moderately thick hair.

#2: Sassy Pixie Cut


If you get tired of maintaining long hair, then keeping your hair tidy and short can be a super convenient option. The key to this sassy haircut is the feathered and stacked layers and sweet side bangs. You'll get both your desired volume and a fresh look!

#3: Medium Layered Haircut


Best hairstyles for women over 50 don't have to be boring and this long and vivacious cut is a perfect example. The natural layers are both elegant and relaxed. Brown hair is a perfect match to the style and is always trendy.

#4: Blonde Pixie Cut


Hairstyles that are cropped short at the back with some natural bangs are perfect for women over 50. When you are choosing short hairstyle like this then really a pixie cut should be your first choice. Color and texture is key to keeping this look youthful.

#5: Straight Bob with Bangs


An elegant bob is one of the best hairstyles for women with short or medium length hair. With a round face, an asymmetrical bob can compliment your face shape and will lift your whole look. For best results let the layers blend into the other parts of your hair.

#6: Curly Blonde Bob


Are you looking for hairstyles that are more youthful and gentle? Well then a wavy finish is a good choice. As you can see, it is less strict than a stick straight haircut. To emphasize the messy texture of your locks, try a balayage dye job.

#7: Shoulder-Length Flip


Most of the time, a medium length hairstyle is the best hairstyle for an elegant appearance, especially for women over 50. They can frame your face and introduce some grading for your hair. A natural sun-kissed effect comes out of the highlights which compliment your amazing locks.

#8: Chin-Length Bob


Tousled hairstyles are very chic and trendy. But we know some of you ladies still prefer clean and sharp lines. If you desire a sharp and neat haircut for your thick and straight hair, this fantastic bob should be an inspiration!

#9: Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Flicked Out Ends


Overly complicated hairstyles sometimes are unnecessary. Healthy hair with gorgeous ends is never a bad choice for women over 50. The adorable ends and layers of this look eye-catching. It works especially well for more formal occasions.

#10: Best Hairstyles - Rounded Bob


Yes, a bob is always classic and works for any age. But it doesn't mean it is dull. It can have many variations. If you can find the right length, shape and color for your bob, your locks will be enhanced and the bangs will frame your face beautifully.

#11: Wavy Lob


Freedom is the theme of this cool and chic hairstyle. If you don't want to spend too much time maintaining your mane, this haircut is the great. Let your locks flow around your neck with some natural waves and marry it with silvers and greys an eye-catching ensemble.

#12: Wispy Balayage Bob


Women over 50 don't have to sacrifice their hair length and color to own a so-called proper hairstyle. This blonde balayage bob is a proof. Obviously, the layers are brushed back off the face, adding a lovely bit of movement which gives out a chic vibe for women at any age.

#13: Round Layers


Light blonde mixed with a brown base is a trendy option for women over 50. With this hair color, re-growth is less noticeable and the layers are so beautiful that they frame your face shape perfectly.

#14: Wispy Fringe Cut


This sassy pixie cut can be your best hairstyle choice. Borrowing some features from men's hair styling, this chic pixie cut is still able to incorporate feminine elements, such as feathered layers and wispy fringes, making the whole look fantastic!

#15: Graduated Bob


We know messy hairstyles are very popular, but if you’re wondering about risk-free graduated bob, then don’t rule it out. This hairstyle is still a great choice. Being neat and accurate, it can work well with a variety of hair types. Light blonde hair color can take 10 years off your age.

#16: Asymmetric Silver Cut


A tousled pixie cut can be delicate and chic, but a sleek one is more elegant. Make each side short to add a cool and trendy vibe. The long fringes can frame your face shape perfectly. No other choice is better than this silver hair color. A fantastic match!

#17: Long Waves


Long waves are always a popular look for women of all ages. Let natural curls fall loosely on your shoulders as they add more femininity and elegance to a women. Blonde hair color will tie the style together and highlights make the waves more dimensional.

#18: Fishtail Braid


Braids never go out of style. A fishtail braid looks gorgeous on almost every lady, making it the best hairstyle for women with long hair. This loose three-strand fishtail braid is chic and sassy. Place it on one side to add more femininity.

#19: Bob with Bangs


As you can see, this fresh bob hairstyle can take 10 years off your age. The natural bangs and sleek style are the most important factors here. Add some layering to the ends to make the whole look livelier. And the silver color is so attractive!

#20: Long Hair with Bangs


As you can see, this romantic hairstyle is simple and effective, consisting of natural bangs and long waves. The bangs can add youth and structure the soft piecey curls. Just keep your locks trendy and healthy styled, then you can rock it as long as you like!

#21: Best Hairstyles With Side Bang


With silver hair, a smooth bob is one of the best choices for showcasing this attractive hair color. Try to keep the layers simple and opt for a side bang around your face. This haircut lets your silver hues and bangs do all the talking!

#22: Highlights and Lowlights for Blonde Hair


This balayage is a perfect mixture of blonde highlights and brunette lowlights. The highlights give this hairstyle life and dimension. This look is especially for 50 year olds who still want to show off their sexy side.

#23: Dynamic Mahogany Bob

This layered bob is different from others because of those dynamic layers. They are brushed back to create a feathered style. Just remember not to pick a bright hair color. Choose something sassy like mahogany. It really caps off the look.

#24: Cropped Blonde Bob

An elegant lob is one of the best hairstyles for women over 50. This elegant and gorgeous blonde lob is also a great complement to ladies with round face. With its asymmetry, your whole style will be structured and lifted up. Remember to keep the bangs long.

#25: Balayage Bob with Curly Ends

Many women over 50 tend to worry about having gray hair. Actually, nowadays, hairstyles for women over 50 can easily blend your gray hair with other trending hair colors. Balayage technique is the key here, melting your gray hair with a brown or a blonde hue. The soft layers will create movement too.

#26: Layered Blonde Pixie

The timeless pixie cut style is one of the best hairstyles for women over 50, who have thick hair. To avoid looking poufy and uncontrollable, make sure you choose cropped layers. It is a no-fuss haircut that needs almost no maintenance.

#27: Modern Wavy Lob

Women over 50 can be as modern as young girls! This is the best hairstyle for women over 50 who are searching for chic styles. This trending lob with randomly placed curls can enhance your overall style and the sleek side-swept bang gives us a polished feeling. Brunette balayage will take years off your face.

#28: Bombshell

Some women are born to be sexy no matter how old they are. This enticing haircut is the absolutely the right one for them. Long and lively, this style proves that hairstyles for women over 50 don't have to be boring. Make it medium-length and cropped and try a red base color with blonde highlights to liven up your appearance!

#29: Messy Long Pixie

If you want to try something not so sleek and polished, embrace this one. This trending bedhead look is timeless. The dimensional layers create a wonderful sense of movement. Plus, it is perfect for women with long faces, because the layers and waves can balance out the length of your face.

#30: Best Hairstyles With Balayage Layers

Hairstyles for women over 50 don't have to be boring, and they can be playful and fun. Medium-length haircuts have the potential to create different styles. So, why not try sassy layers and trending highlights? The feathered layers can liven up your whole look!

#31: Reverse-Ombre Pixie

This reverse-ombre pixie is different from a traditional one which starts dark at the roots and fades lighter to the ends. This reverse-ombre fades from light to dark, creating a brighter appearance. If you are not ready to go gray all over, then this special hair color is one you can try. The color contrast will bring you a youthful air.

#32: Freshen-up Layers

As for medium-length hairstyles, it is vital to add flow and movement to your haircut. Cut your layers in 3 different lengths to create a perfect wave-like effect. This style is easy to style, so you don't have to spend too much time in the morning.

#33: Golden Balayage Bob

When you are over 50, you don't have to sacrifice hair length and color. Your haircut can also be vivacious and spunky, if you try something bold and cool. This golden blonde bob is the perfect example. The soft and sleek bob paired with blonde balayage color creates a chic and modern vibe.

#34: Collarbone Cut

If you desire a chopped haircut but aren't ready for a short pixie, then try this collarbone style. Create some feathered layers, before combing your hair with your fingers to make it dimensional. This cut needs low maintenance and is easy to style.

#35: Tapered Blonde Pixie

The pixie is one of the best hairstyles among women over 50, and for good reason. This tapered pixie leaves the longer hair in front and at the top. Cut the hair at the nape of neck clean to make the appearance sleek and polished.

#36: Long Bangs with Short Layers

Tired of keeping long locks but love face-framing layers? Well, you can try this style! Obviously, you need to keep the bangs long and polished so that you can comb them with your fingers or tuck them behind your ears. As for the back part, cut some short layers for elevation at the crown.

#37: One-length Blonde Bob

Sleek and precise haircuts can also be popular and modern, as long as you try an eye-catching hair color. This edgy blonde bob is perfect for ladies who have thick and straight hair. Cut the ends to a uniform length to finish off the whole style.

#38: Young and Sexy

Short hair has a fresh feeling, but long hair can be sexier for women over 50. If you love bangs and messy style, then choose this gorgeous cut! The layers and waves increase the volume visually and make the style more dimensional. Bangs can take years off your face.

#39: Graduated Bob

Most women over 50 don't like complex hairstyles and we can understand that. But, simple haircuts don't equal boring ones. This graduated bob can be an interesting haircut even though it’s simple! The stacked layers make the style look voluminous and full. The pearl hair color is super modern and can liven the whole look up.

#40: Layered Bob with Chopped Bangs

There are numerous bobs, and you must be thinking over and over about which one to choose before you go to the salon. Actually, the effects of layers are amazing. You cannot imagine how it can change a bob. As for this haircut, make the layers tousled and feathered to capture people's hearts. The angle of those layers do matter.

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