Mom Takes Selfies In Daughter’s Dorm But Regrets It

Deanna Pilling thought it would be worthwhile to surprise her daughter, McKenna Pilling, at college by showing up suddenly. However, Deanna’s creative idea ended up taking a completely wrong turn.

1. An Unbreakable Relationship

Deanna and her daughter McKenna had a close mother-daughter bond. When it was time for McKenna to further her study at college, Deanna was shocked to learn that her New Yorker daughter had decided to go to Utah State University. She was heartbroken that her daughter would go so far away from home, but she knew it would be good for McKenna to spread her wings.


2. Planning The Surprise

The day before McKenna planned to return New York for the summer, Deanna decided to do something special and give her daughter a surprise at her college. But Deanna would soon learn that surprising her kid at college was a terrible idea.


3. Flying To Utah

Deanna thought it would be great to pop up in McKenna's college and help her pack up her dorm a day earlier without telling her. After all, who doesn't like a surprise visit from their mom? So Deanna secretly booked a plane ticket from New York to Utah. She had no idea what she was about to get!


4. Arriving

Finally, after five hours' flying, Deanna landed in Logan, Utah. She grabbed a cab and headed to Utah State University. Then, McKenna tried calling on the phone. Not wanting to ruin the surprise, Deanna refused the call. Everything seemed to be going as planned until...


5. Visiting Campus

Nine months had passed since Deanna moved McKenna in the fall semester. When Deanna looked around on the campus, she felt a little lost. She tried to remember where her daughter's dorm was...


6. Keeping Her Eyes Alert

The campus was bustling with students who were moving out for the summer. Deanna tried to look around cautiously because she wanted to make sure that she would not be spotted by any familiar faces before reaching her daughter's dorm.


7. Finally Found It

After wandering around for quite some time, she finally found her daughter's building. She was relieved at the time because she recognized some of McKenna's friends in the building, whom she had seen on her daughter's social media posts. However, things began to go a little wrong from there.


8. Entering Now

Deanna went to Mckenna's floor and knocked on the door, but no one answered. Surprisingly, when she unconsciously jiggled the handle, the door opened. Deanna walked in a bit nervously and excitedly not knowing what she would find...


9. Daughter's Not There

Deanna saw a few girls packing up their stuff inside. She waved hello to them and walked into McKenna's room. McKenna's room was spotless though, with all her belongings neatly packed in boxes and a comfortable bed covered in blankets and pillows.


10. Upgrading Her Plan

After a long day of traveling, Deanna was exhausted. She decided to take a rest on McKenna's bed while waiting for her girl to return. She tried not to fall asleep because she thought that would be a waste of a surprise. Instead, she came up with a good idea. She was going to let McKenna know that she had already arrived at her campus, but of course, in a classic mom way.


11. Smile For The Camera

Deanna took a selfie on McKenna's bed and texted it to her daughter with "Look where I am! Where are you?" She knew that McKenna would be shocked by her flying all this way to see her. However, when McKenna replied, Deanna was shocked, but not in the way she had expected.


12. Surprise?!

Her daughter asked, "Where's that??" Deanna frowned at her phone, wondering why McKenna couldn't recognize her own bed. Then McKenna sent another two texts, "I'm in my dorm. Please tell me you're not in someone else's dorm."


13. Plan Backfired

Deanna was confused at first and then immediately realized what had happened. She jumped out of bed and ran out of the room as fast as she could. "I am in the wrong dorm omg," Deanna texted back. She began to freak out, but how could this be possible?


14. Absolute Panic

"I felt sick to my stomach because I've already said hi to several people in the dorm, and they probably have no idea who I was," Deanna told her daughter after they reunited. Deanna then regretted, "I thought, Oh, my gosh, I didn't even look at the name of the building. I could be in the wrong building!" Meanwhile, McKenna had something else to say about the incident...


15. 15 Minutes Of Fame

McKenna found the whole situation hysterically funny, and she even posted her Mom's selfie and text messages on Twitter. The tweet unexpectedly received so many responses that both mom and daughter were totally overwhelmed. McKenna said, "We weren't expecting anything of it, I just thought friends and family would see it, but now it's completely gone everywhere."


16. Whose Room?

Actually, the dorm Deanna broke into was where a friend of McKenna was living. The girl didn't find out about the whole thing until she saw McKenna's tweet. "Is that my pillow?" she commented.


17. Wished For A Better Selfie

Deanna was relieved that her bed blunder had brought laughs to so many people, including her daughter. McKenna revealed one issue though, "Every time I refresh my feed, more retweets pop up, and now all my mom has to say is, 'I wish I would've taken a better picture.'"


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