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Your personal information security is highly emphasized by us. We have updated our cookie and privacy policy elaborating what information we collect, how we use it, and how your cookies settings are managed when you visit our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies could be described as a small piece of data sent by the website to your browser, which could be a computer or a mobile device. This process allows our website to collect your browsing preferences like your operating system, browser type, and so on. Then, on the basis of this information, we could create the best browsing experience for you by furnishing the appropriate content and personalized advertising matching your interests. Of course, you can choose to allow or block cookies in your browser’s settings.

What types of cookies do we use?

Essential cookies are the core in running a website. Without these cookies, our website is not able to operate normally and these cookies do not collect any browsing preference from your device.

Analytics cookies are used to collect aggregated data for statistical purposes, through which our website could measure how you use our website. Similarly, these cookies do not collect any personal information such as your name, address, and so on. They only reflect on how our website is being accessed and used by you. The analytical tool we use is Google Analytics, which is an easy-to-use tool freely provided by Google.

Performance and Functionality cookies could save your browsing experience on our website. Performance cookies are to collect anonymous data on how our website is used by visitors, which could help us improve our website. Functionality cookies can remember individual preferences so that we can provide customized content for you. These cookies are not essential, but if they are blocked, some functions of the website will be unavailable.

Advertising Cookies is to provide customized advertisements based on your browsing history. Our website and the third-party partners are able to deliver advertising tailored to your interests. The information collected via the cookies could prevent the same ad from appearing repeatedly, ensuring that you have the best browsing experience.

Third-party Cookies are not operated by us but by our third-party partners. Some of them may automatically transmit your information to their websites. We have no right to intervene in this process. We hope that when you browse our website, please check the detailed information of the third party of our website. Besides, our partner Outbrain is also allowed to use your cookies. A third-party content provider, Outbrain offers you more funny content accurately. More detailed information can be seen in the Privacy Policy of Outbrain (

Social Networking Cookies aim to encourage you to share your browsing experience on our website with your friends on social media platforms.

How to delete Cookies?

If you think that cookies will influence your security of personal information, you can restrict them by changing your browser settings. Please note that once blocking cookies, you still can see the advertisement and third-party links, which are just non-personalized. If this statement is still not clear to you and you want to know more information about cookies, you can visit or, which explain almost everything about cookies in detail.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy will tell you the rules of how we deal with the information collected from you. When you browse our website, you agree to all terms of the privacy policy.

What information we collect

Generally, we collect the information referring to what pages you have browsed, how long you look through them, and how many times they have been read by you. These statistical data is only used to optimize our website, which means your private information is purely safe.

How the information will be used

We will analyze the collected information and evaluate the different sections of our website, finding the specific viewing number of every section. After that, we can make strategies to modify and optimize our service.

Track abuse if it happens

We will certainly disclose the information we collected if the law asks us to do so to respond to a court order.

Property Claim

Every trademark, logo exhibited on our website belongs to its respective owners, which have no affiliation with us.

Safety Concern

The content we provide is purely secure without any virus, cheat, or modification. Meanwhile, your personal information will not be spread without your explicit permission.

Policy Update

This policy will be updated if necessary. The information we collect is used legally according to the timely Privacy Policy. Any user is bound by the Privacy Policy when he or she browses our website.

Contact Us

If you have any suggestions or problems, please contact us.

Email address: [email protected]

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