Take A Peek Inside Dolly Parton’s Homes

With hits like “Jolene,” “9 to 5” and “I Will Always Love You,” Dolly Parton is probably one of the most iconic country music stars of all time. Her extraordinary musical talent has rewarded her with a net worth of $500 million (as of 2019). However, you might be surprised at the quaint way the star chooses to live compared to some other big names in the showbiz.

1. Where Is She Living Now

The iconic singer has moved into a luxurious estate in Brentwood - the same area where Marilyn Monroe lived. Although she hasn’t given us permission to look inside the property, even looking at the outside you can see the beauty of the lovely mansion. The red roof blends impeccably with the white walls. The estate also blends perfectly into its natural surroundings.


2. View From Above

An aerial view of the house gives us a clearer picture into the layout of the mansion. It has a large backyard featuring a tennis court, several gazebos, and acres of open space in which to roam around in.

Parton has lived in many houses over the years, and it’s safe to say her present mansion is a huge step up from her previous homes. Check out what her previous houses look like.


3. Her West Hollywood House

When this house went on the market in 2014, we got a closer view of how Parton liked to live. Maybe Miss Dolly will bring along some of the furniture into her present house and decorate it in the same style.


4. Entering The House

Upon entering the fenced property, you see a colorful paradise. The paintwork of the house contrasted with the green of all the plants really brightens up the place.


5. A Peek Inside

The interior decoration is a piece of classic Americana. The frilled cushions adorning the chairs takes us back to the 20th century. We can also see the Queen of country music is a fan of pink.


6. Musical Maestro

Here could be where Parton created some of her most iconic songs. Imagine guests to this house being treated with a live show after a tasty dinner. I’m starting to envy them.


7. Living In The Country

Featuring rocking chairs, a ceiling fan and paintings of the countryside, the retro decoration certainly tells us that the house belongs to a country singer, even if it's located in West Hollywood.


8. The Master's Suite

Here was where Miss Dolly did her makeup and enjoyed a peaceful night’s sleep. We can also see a balcony where Parton might have had some relaxing time in the open air.


9. Room With A View

Speaking of the balcony, here is the impressive view from it. Being a fan of natural beauty, Parton can enjoy the sight of all the trees and flowers she has planted in her backyard.


10. The Guest Room

We are not surprised at the retro and rustic design of the guest room. There is not much space, but the plush bedding seems quite tempting to snuggle down in.


11. Taking A Soak

Featuring purple tiles and wooden cabinets, the bathroom is also very stylish. We can assume Parton enjoyed a relaxing soak in the tub every now and then.


12. Eating Outside

Parton must have liked the fine weather of California. She set up a table and chairs on her back porch to enjoy the sunshine while dining.


13. A Place To Relax

Parton set out in a small seating area in the backyard so she and friends could enjoy a sunny afternoon, while sipping on their drink of choice.


14. The Guest House

Here is a place for visitors who like some personal space. Parton even attached a cute welcome sign to the birdhouse to make her guests feel at home.


15. Her Nashville Home

Besides her West Hollywood house, Parton also lived in Nashville before moving to the Brentwood mansion. She spent sixteen years in Nashville between 1980 and 1996.  Although the house has had new owners since, there are touches of Dolly throughout. Read on to find out more.


16. Thank You For The Music

Parton moved here with her husband Carl Dean. She created some of her most iconic songs and movies in this very house. Pictured is a large living room. We can see although subsequent owners may have changed the decorations, they still have treasured the legacy the great singer left behind.


17. A Spacious Kitchen

Compared with her West Hollywood home, this house has a much larger kitchen with a tiled floor and a breakfast bar.


18. The Bedroom On The Second Floor

The subsequent owners have not changed the decoration on the second floor, so we can get a glimpse of Parton’s life when she lived here. Pictured is one of her bedrooms. It looks as cozy as you’d expect.


19. The Master Bathroom

The bathroom must have changed a lot since Parton moved out. It looks nothing like Parton’s typical quaint and rustic style.


20. Treasuring A Memento

The new owners found an old poster of Parton and framed it above the breakfast table. It might have been decades since she called the house home, but this place will always be a part of her history.


21. Her Own Style

Seeing Parton's choice of homes and decor, we know she will always be the same Miss Dolly we all know and love. Her retro and rustic style is classic, but with her unique identity stamped all over it.


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