The Untold Truth Of Tiger Woods' New Girlfriend

When golfing superstar Tiger Woods was seen in public with his girlfriend, almost everyone was wondering who she was. Her name is Erica Herman, not a celebrity. So, we dug deep and can now lift the veil on this mysterious woman.

1. Rumors About The Two

The pair stepped out together at the Presidents Cup in September 2017, where Herman was seen wearing a Player Spouse badge that was normally reserved for girlfriends and wives of players. Rumors about them began swirling. The following month, they made their relationship official.


2. Was She Involved In His Affairs? 

Insiders said that Herman had been hoping to date the pro golfer for a decade. The source also suggested that Woods and Herman may have been acquainted while Woods was still married to Nordegren. After his divorce with Nordegren, Woods dated stylist Kristin Smith for about two years. Woods was said to have cheated on Kristin with Herman. "Kristin suspected it, but he would always deny it by belittling Erica," the insider said. "Kristin eventually caught them together. It was a big mess."


3. She's Connected To Woods' Restaurant Business

Erica Herman worked as the general manager at Woods' restaurant, The Woods Jupiter, in Florida, where she probably first met Woods. She held that position until February 2018 and now serves as the restaurant's director of operations, earning about $1589 a week.


4. She's More Than $240K In Debt

Woods is worth an estimated $740 million, while his girlfriend is more than $240K in debt. Herman is said to owe $240,233.08 to investor Tom Morris after a chain of five nightclubs in Orlando failed. Her wages from The Woods Jupiter are automatically sent to Morris. Maybe, she should ask Woods for a raise.


5. Her Previous Relationships

Long before she became Woods' girlfriend, Herman dated Jesse Newton, the CEO and President of Jin & Tonic Hospitality Group. They were also business partners. But things didn’t work out for the duo.


6. Being Evicted By Landlord For Seven Times

In 2012, Herman's landlord tried to evict Herman and Newton numerous times, because they couldn’t afford the $1300-per-month rent. Almost unbelievably, following each official warning, the couple managed to pay the necessary cash. The landlord finally succeeded at the seventh attempt.


7. Public Display Of Affection On The Course

Since dating Woods, Herman has become a frequent sight on the golf course. At the PGA Championship in August 2018, Herman gave Woods a smooch and a few taps on the rear despite his loss. One month later, Herman greeted him with a celebratory hug and kiss after Woods won. But are they so close to each other off the course?


8. Someone Claimed She's Controlling And Bad-tempered

An anonymous insider has claimed this couple isn't quite so happy behind closed doors. "Herman controls Woods and gets rid of people around him because she is threatened and jealous." "She has a temper. They fight and argue," The source said. If this is true, even if Woods can accept Herman, will his kids accept her?


9. She Has A Close Relationship With Woods' Kids

Herman has been able to get on well with Woods' children from his marriage to Nordegren, Sam Woods and Charlie Woods. In December 2017, she accompanied Woods and the kids to the Bahamas for a family holiday. Moreover, she has been snapped with them at several sports events like the U.S. Open in September 2017.


10. She May Have A Calming Influence On Woods

Woods seems to be much calmer and happier than before probably due to Herman's grounding influence on him. When the British Open didn't go in the way he had expected, Woods didn't leave in his customary fit of simmering rage. Instead, he walked out calmly with his kids and Herman.


11. Where Is She Living?

According to address records, Herman seems to be living on and off at Woods' $55 million-mansion in Jupiter Island, Florida. The 12-acre house includes a multimedia room, a home theater, a wine cellar, a golf studio, a guesthouse, and a boathouse.


12. Would She Become Mrs. Woods Anytime Soon?

Although the couple often makes headlines because of their public displays of affection, Woods is not going to marry Herman anytime soon. Some people suspected this was because Woods lost $750 million in his divorce with Nordegren, while the insider admitted Woods' decision was the result of his relationship with former flame Lindsey Vonn from 2012 to 2015. "That was a turning point for him. After it ended, but not in a bad way," the source said.