Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History

Some bands can gradually start to believe in their own originality and ingenuity while media and fans are hyping them up. But boasting and blind praise doesn't make a legendary band. Here are the 22 examples.

22. Imagine Dragons

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_1

Imagine Dragons's most serious problem lies in the fact that they are repeating the same theme again and again. They usually describe some supernatural disasters and their worries about them in their lyrics. Luckily, this has worked, and they have made a lot of bucks as a result. 

21. Dave Matthews Band

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Though appreciated by a particular group of people, Dave Matthews has produced dozens of uncreative music pieces. His music is so dull that you won't even be aware of its existence as background music. But it does function when you don't want your room in absolute silence.

20. The Doors

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In my memory, there were so many pretentious middle and high school students listening to their tunes at the time. Jim Morrison used to show off his skills but ended up pretty ridiculous. What's worse, he is now more like a lounge singer in Las Vegas than a rock star.

19. Radiohead

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_4

Radiohead are one of my top five favorite bands. I only question the fact they get compliments for pretty much anything they have ever done. People still love albums like Amnesiac even though it is no match for Kid A. 

18. Aerosmith

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_5

Aerosmith released several hit albums between the 1970s and the 1980s. Since Get a Grip came out, they began to produce unoriginal dribbles and converted themselves from a hard rock band to a pop-rock one that sings love songs.

17. Queen

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_6

We feel guilty putting Queen on the list, but it's reasonable. No one doubts that Freddie Mercury is one of the best frontmen, and Bohemian Rhapsody remains one of the greatest songs ever. But the band hasn't produced hit albums like those of the Beatles or Pink Floyd. To be honest, their albums sound a bit uneven.

16. Creedence Clearwater Revival

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_7

Honestly speaking, I don't think it is good for your ears to listen to John Fogerty's harsh voice for too long. Besides, they don't need to make every track focused on their poorly disguised anti-war politics. I also feel it weird that the California band struggles to include itself in the Southern Rock genre by singing about riverboats and bayous.

15. Coldplay

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Some people like their songs because they enjoy Chris Martin's emotional and omnipresent voice. However, he seems to get sidetracked because his music has become more and more chaotic and tacky. Plus, the band hires entire orchestras and horn sections so often that it's getting a bit old now.

14. U2

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_9

Only two or three great albums can hardly make U2 comparable with about ten other more significant rock bands. However, they are highly regarded for their imagination and creativity, and they produced many masterpieces in the 1980s, which was their heyday.

13. Nirvana

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_10

Nirvana was prestigious during the 1990s when the grunge culture started to trend. But it apparently hasn't adapted to the new millennium, and you can even work out when they formed the band just by listening to their music. What's worse is that those Nirvana apparel lovers likely have never actually attended their concert.

12. Bon Iver

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_11

Bon Iver was once quite popular among quirky people while they remained obscure to the general public. After they rocketed to fame, preference for their music was no longer as cool as before. To be frank, it will bore you to listen to Justin Vernon's gentle voice with dull guitar playing after a while.

11. AC/DC

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_12

AC/DC must be one of the most polarizing commercialized bands. You will either love Brian Johnson's voice or hate it. No middle ground. Unfortunately, I am the latter. Their music lacks nuance and they may confuse you with their clumsy screaming and excessive instrumentals.

10. The Eagles

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_13

The Eagles are respected for their achievements like avoiding the temptation of too many riffs and screaming vocals. Regarding their music, it seems to consist of all the meshes they could find. That's why it remains to be debated whether they are great or not.

9. Journey

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_14

You must have heard Don't Stop Believing if you have ever been drunk at a pub because it usually means "last orders". Steve Perry's beautiful voice dazzled many listeners, and they would have gone further if they hadn't always tried to pander to the taste of the masses.

8. Metallica

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Metallica can be regarded as "above-average" but not "unparalleled". I admit that they have impressive riffs and catchy tunes, but they are far from the best metal band. Radio stations and other media are to blame for overhyping their songs. 

7. Green Day

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_16

We can not imagine the rock landscape without punk, but its subset pop-punk? Better to avoid. Green Day is its iconic band. The band's albums seek to slam most Americans in the Bush-era but end up as nothing more than reactionary liberalism. It will also freak you out to hear Billie Joe Armstrong's sharp voice and fake British accent.

6. Bon Jovi

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_17

Most of Bon Jovi's songs are pleasant on the ear, and Richie Sambora is a sophisticated guitarist. However, they stopped being adventurous and started to only write songs that would sell. They admittedly succeeded in the commercial aspect. After all, every classic rock radio station broadcasts their works for at least an hour of a day.

5. Guns N' Roses

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_18

I guess Guns N' Roses' glamor comes from their boasting. They can never reshape rock, as their fans claimed. Their music is not as sublime as it was for Appetite for Destruction. Slash isn't the best guitarist either.

4. Oasis

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_19

Oasis has its songwriter and musician as a member, which beats many of its counterparts. In terms of their music, their claims seem to be much bigger than their work. And, ironically, their feuds are more familiar to people than their tracks.

3. Genesis

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_20

I can imagine your face when I mention this name here. But wait, it's only that I can't entirely agree with the opinion that Genesis is the best rock band of all time. If we put aside the excessive praise for their music, Genesis has provided us enjoyable tracks during and after the Peter Gabriel era.


Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_21

It won't surprise you to see KISS on the list if you know the only thing they want is to make a fortune. Though the band has some excellent songs and its concerts are always sold out, KISS also produced many average and unimaginative tracks.

1. Motley Crue

Top 22 Overrated Bands In Music History_22

It is fair to rate Motley Crue as "not bad" rather than "the best". If not compared with those top musicians, they managed to make several good tracks and a lot of filler simultaneously.

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